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May 15th, 2014

Pentagon is prepared for Zombies

Funny to read but probably shouldn't be shocking that the Pentagon has come up with a plan to deal with zombies.    Gordon Lubold of the Foregin Policy broke this information.  In the plan the Pentagon stresses that the plan is not a joke but stresses that it's a training exercise for the military and not a real war plan that they expect to take place.

May 19th, 2014

Halloween Box Set

Good news for fans of the Halloween franchise.  Anchor Bay and Shout Factory are teaming up to give fans a proper box set of the entire Halloween franchise.  The release date is September 23rd and will include all of the films including Rob Zombies remakes.  There are hours of special footage.  The best news of the box set is that the producers cut of "The Curse of Michael Myers" will be included.  This has long been thought to be the better version of this film.

May 20, 2014


New Line Cinema is getting back to being a stronger player in the horror world.  One of the projects being worked on is a new adaption of Stephen King's "IT".  Reports are it will be two feature films.  One focusing on the chapters of the novel that take place when the characters are children.  The second film will then be when they are adults.  No date has been given on when the first film will hit theaters.  Check back here for updates.