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Vendor Information

EXHIBIT SPACE INFORMATION, TERMS, AND SHOW GUIDELINES – please contact us at info@horrorrealmcon.com for a registration form.

1.     Horror Realm at its discretion reserves the right to deny registration to any vendor prior to the show, to deny admission to any vendor or to eject a vendor with no refund.

2.     Exhibitor’s display will not extend beyond the boundaries of the space that is paid for and provided, or into the aisle ways in front, behind or on the side of his/her table(s).  All tables are 6 ft. long x 3 feet wide.  Table cover will be provided.  Each table will come with two banquet chairs.  Non-standard tables & chairs are not permitted; you may bring custom displays.  Wall space is limited; wall requests will be accommodated on a first paid, first placed basis.

3.     Each table comes with two (2) dealer passes which include free admission to all convention events.  Additional passes may be purchased at the door at a discounted rate.  Limit of five (5) additional discounted passes per dealer.

4.     Electricity and wi-fi will be provided in the dealer room free of charge.  If you need electric, you must request it at the time of registration.  Please bring your own extension cord(s) as you may not necessarily be placed near an outlet or power box.

5.     Exhibitor agrees to keep his/her area clean and is responsible for any damage he/she may cause. 

6.     Exhibitors are permitted to share tables but no more than two vendors are permitted per registration.  Both vendors must complete, sign and submit a registration form.  Payment in full for the table must be made at time of reservation.

7.     Due to space limitations, no more than 3 people are permitted behind each dealer’s table at any time.

8.     Horror Realm and Horrorrealmonline.com (“the Organizers”) accept no responsibility for any merchandise sold at the show. Responsibility for the merchandise and the legalities of selling, and/or necessary rights required to sell any merchandise rests solely in the hands of the exhibitor doing the selling.  Bootleg merchandise, tobacco/nicotine products and smoking paraphernalia may not be sold at our show.

9.     Exhibitor agrees not to break down his/her table and or display before the conclusion of the show without permission of the Organizers.

10.  There will be no smoking in the hotel and all exhibitors must comply with state smoking, fire and safety laws.

11.  No unlawful activities shall be permitted in the use of the Exhibit Areas or in the hotel.  No vaping in the dealer room as a courtesy to those with allergies or inhalant sensitivities.

12.  Exhibitor is responsible for all taxes and licenses required by the state of Pennsylvania.

13.  Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold Organizers and Double Tree (venue) harmless from and against all claims, actions, liens, demands, expenses and judgments for loss, damage, or injury to property or persons resulting or occurring by reason of the construction, installation, removal, use, or occupancy of the Exhibit Areas by Exhibitor and Exhibitor's access to or use of the Double Tree, including all costs, expenses and attorney's fees.  If Exhibitor or any such persons are made a party to any litigation commenced by or against Exhibitor, Exhibitor agrees to protect, defend and hold Organizers, Venue and/or any such persons harmless there from and to pay all costs and reasonable attorney fees incurred or paid by Exhibitor or any such persons in connection with such litigation.

14.  Exhibitor understands that guests and scheduled events are subject to last minute changes or cancellation.

15.  No money or credit will be issued or refunded after exhibit space is paid for even if the exhibitor is unable to attend the show. 

16.  Exhibitor understands that all tables will be assigned on a first paid, first placed basis. The floor plan is designed at the Organizers’ discretion and every attempt will be made to accommodate set up requests (wall space, electric) indicated on the registration form.

17.  Horror Realm does not guarantee attendance or exhibitor sales.  All dealers exhibit at their own financial risk.



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